Measurement Technology

Rail Care Solutions provides a wide range of measuring methods to document and visualize the current state of your tracks

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Grinding Technology

Rails will be re-profiled corresponding to their target profiles or preventively maintained via grinding solutions.

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Milling Technology

Milling ensures a deep-lying corrective intervention of the rail profile.

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Welding Technology

Various welding methods lengthen the service life span of tracks, switches and complete constructions.

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Track Management

The advantage of proactive maintenance of your track network is the outcome of the sum of our bundled ressources.

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Economic sustainability
One factor, which increases in importance in a fast moving globalized infrastructure. To reach an efficient implementation of the given budget for the majority of the infrastructure, a continuous maintenance is necessary. This is also an important factor to effectively reduce the costs. Rail Care Solutions offers you the opportunity, to define sustainability with innovative concepts.

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We offer you countless chances for occupational advancement.
For our dynamic expanding company we are looking for qualified employees on field installation to manage our modern machinery for rail maintenance. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.
We are looking forward to your application.

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Berlin S - and Fernbahn

Different preventive and maintaining measures were realized as part of the reconstruction of the S-Bahn more

Extension nodes Erfurt

To withstand the expanding strain of the train service in Erfurt around more

bahn_viaduktPrivate Railways

In addition to state-owned railways, the existing private railways are an important part of modern infrastructure. Under partial difficult conditions solutions will be presented to optimize the wheel-rail contact. Quality and the satisfaction of our clients are most important to us in this matter.


Because of our existing flexible technology, a deployment among adjustable terms, like gauges or minimum clearance outlines, is guaranteed. This is the reason why we have an steady growing and long-standing and satisfied client base of local public transports.

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Until March 2016 and in line with our new website we offer all our new costumers a free one day inspection and documentation of the crosssection of your infrastructure.

Product training

To support our products we offer different courses for our measurement technology.